Policies and Safety

Our Indianapolis Chapter No. 1 Policy is to:


  • Be Safe
  • Be Alert
  • Be Aware
  • Use Common Sense
  • Be Courteous
  • Ride a safe ride!

Impairment Policy: The consumption and use of alcohol is a serious personal responsibility involving the safety of family, riding friends and the individual HOG member. Alcohol consumption before or during a motorcycling activity is not safe, responsible behavior. Indianapolis Chapter No. 1 #1238 does not allow the use of alcohol or drugs before or during a riding event* and does not furnish alcohol at Chapter rides. Riders whose skills are observed or suspected to be impaired by alcohol or drugs before riding cannot join the ride. Riders using alcohol or drugs while riding will be asked to leave the ride. It is the responsibility of each Indianapolis Chapter No. 1 member to support the consistent enforcement of this policy

*NOTE: The Lead Road Captain will announce that the ride is over at the official end of the ride. In some cases this may be prior to the final destination or before returning to the start point. The Road Captains will no longer lead the ride and all riders will be responsible for riding individually from that time on.


Indianapolis HOG Chapter No. 1 stresses the importance of safety among all of its members, and encourages all motorcycle riders to keep aware of pertinent information. In addition, we highly recommend that all riders keep their knowledge and skills fresh by both reading and participating in refresher safety skills training as opportunities are presented.

We strongly suggest that every rider enroll into a BRC (Beginner’s Rider’s Course), as well as a ERC (Experienced Rider’s Course); regardless of their current skill level. ABATE of Indiana currently offers both classes regularly during the riding season, and will help even the most experienced persons to become better motorcyclists.

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